What Made Me Start using Steel Work Boot Toe Protection

Steel Toe Work Boot Protection by Justin Thompson Believe it or not, there was a time where I scoffed at the idea of needing additional protection for anything…especially on the toes of my work boots. I always declined any warranties or paid protection plans, I’d always gripe a little whenever I had to cough up […]

TUFF TOE Customer Photo Gallery

How Tough is Tuff Toe? See it In Action, Take a Picture of Yours & Win Some $500 There are a ton of rubber glue-on toe gaurds but none that is as Tuff. To show you how Tuff, we want to find out how many ways people like you are using Tuff Toe. So send […]

Where to Buy TUFF TOE -U.S. Retail Locations

Where to Buy TUFF TOE -U.S. Retail Locations You can visit our Retail Store Search by clicking here. Red Wing made the decision to co-brand the product as Red Wing Tuff Toe Repair and Protection and expanded distribution to the companys 400 company-owned retail stores, as well as, over 3,500 Red Wing shoe dealerships. Where […]

How to Order Custom Dipped Tuff Toe for your Baseball/Softball Cleats

***Click Here for The Tuff Toe Custom Application Order Form*** Step 1: Fill Out your Order Form:  Follow these steps and we’ll take care of the rest. Fill out the Factory Dip Order Form PDF by clicking above or the icon below Step 2: Send in your shoes. Once you fill out the order form all you need […]

Why Hikers Can Benefit From Taking Tuff Toe In Their Backpack

Tuff Toe is a Perfect Repair & Protection Solution for Your Hiking Boots & Shoes (With & w/o Steel or Composite Toe) New or Uncommon Uses for Tuff Toe: While Tuff Toe is designed primarily for sports shoes (baseball/softball cleats) and steel toe work boots, many of our customers are avid outdoorsmen (and ourdoorswomen;) who […]

Repair & Protect Your Steel Toe Boots from Getting Holes

You put your work boots through hell and you expect them to hold up. It doesn’t matter if they are Leather Steel Toe boots, Firefighter Turnout boots, Hiking Boots, or Rubber hazmat boots, you can’t have them fail you in the middle of a job. You just want them to last! You expect them to […]

The Best Way to Make Baseball Cleats Last 1+ Seasons

Ah, America’s Game! Since 1839, in Cooperstown, New York, when Abner Doubleday invented it, baseball has had a grip on America’s heart. It is the combination of valiant solo efforts (“Going, going… gone! It’s a home run!!!”) to intricate team work (“Folks, I’ve never seen such a beautifully executed triple play!”) that excites everyone from […]

How Catchers Benefit From Tuff Toe Baseball/Softball Cleat Protection

Baseball and Softball catchers demand more from their cleats than any other position because Catchers are in one of the weirdest positions of any sports professional. They have to crouch on the ground with another man looming up behind them. In front of them is a man with a baseball bat and another throwing a […]

Want Those Motorcycle Boots to Last a Lot Longer?

Motorcycle Boot Toe Protection & Repair You are tough (or like we say “TUFF”), and you expect your equipment, including your motorcycle boots, to be tough as well. You don’t expect those new Red Wings you just bought to keep their spit shine gloss for long, but you do expect them to last. You don’t […]