TUFF TOE for Snowmobile & SnowBike Boots:

Protect Your Snowmobile Boots Protected & Feet Insulated

As a Snowmobiler or Snowbiker, you’re likely all too aware of how much damage you can do to your feet without using proper boots. You’re also aware of how easy it is for Snowmobile boots to wear out since they aren’t always made with solid composites. The only reason is Snowmobile boots need flexibility in order to allow your ankle freer movement.

Because of this, it’s possible your Snowmobile boots could wear out quickly. If you’re new to Snowmobile, this obviously isn’t good since it could end up causing injury.

The trouble is, once you start to notice wear and tear on your Snowmobile boots, you may not have ability to repair them. Most boot repair is extremely expensive, not counting possibly buying a whole new pair.

Tuff Toe for Snowmobile boots is your solution, though it pays to know what kind of boot damage you might face. With our product, you won’t have to rely on cheap glue-on toe guards.

Why Your Boot’s Toe Area Could Wear Out

When you consider how much stress you place on your boots while Snowmobile, it’s easy for the toe area to fall apart. Buying Snowmobile boots usually comes in either flexible or stiffer versions, depending on what kind of speeds you want to accomplish as a Snowmobiler.

Many who want fast speeds choose stiffer boots, despite the flexible version usually fitting better. With these softer boots, you’re more apt to cause rips in the toe or ankle area that could affect Snowmobile performance.

If you’re a professional Snowmobiler, you obviously can’t have this happen, especially during competition.

Let’s look a little more at what kind of damage you might experience in the boot’s toe and ankle areas.

Fixing the Toe Area of Your Snowmobile Boot

Since you can’t find leather on soft Snowmobile boots, the chances are good you could discover a tear in the toe area that might ordinarily mean complete replacement. Your first thought is perhaps to go cheap and buy those quickie repair kits using glue-on methods.

With our product, Tuff Toe, you don’t have to worry about discarding your boot just because the toe area wore out. First of all, these weak formulas don’t hold up when exposed to heat or water. For Snowmobile boots, this can render the old glue-on systems useless.

Tuff Toe is completely waterproof, with evidence coming in passing the NFPA 1901-07, 7.10.17 water penetration test.

Once you fix the toe area, you can expect it to hold up through the toughest conditions. However, you may discover problems around the ankle area as well.

Fixing the Ankle on Your Boot

Take a look at some pictures we recently took on Snowmobile boots to show you how much damage the ankle area could experience. Even the smallest hole or rip could affect boot performance, as well as in allowing snow and moisture to get inside.

As you see in the pics above, some people attempt to tape up their deteriorating boot ankle, thinking it’s enough to hold up while doing casual Snowmobile. This is the weakest form of repair there is when you consider how much wear and tear your boot goes through in the snow.

Using Tuff Toe, you merely mix the provided material and spread it over the affected area. The material blends right in with the boot material so it matches the color and doesn’t look like an amateurish repair job.

Most of all, you’ll prevent further damage considering the ankle area is going to get the most stress since Snowmobile requires extreme ankle movement.

Contact us to learn more about Tuff Toe Snowmobile & Power Sports line and how it’s used far beyond just shoe and boot protection and repair.

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