How to Order Custom Dipped Tuff Toe for your Baseball/Softball Cleats

***Click Here for The Tuff Toe Custom Application Order Form***

Step 1: Fill Out your Order Form:  Follow these steps and we’ll take care of the rest.

Fill out the Factory Dip Order Form PDF by clicking above or the icon below

Download our Custom Dip TUFF TOE PRO Pitchers Toe Protector

Step 2: Send in your shoes. Once you fill out the order form all you need to do is box up your cleats and send them in for a custom applied Tuff Toe application. 

Only send the cleats that you want Tuff Toe applied to. Box up and send them to Tuff Toe, Inc Include our order form along with Payment.

We accept checks, Money Orders, Visa, Master Card, and School Purchase Orders.

Tuff Toe Inc.
5443 E. La Palma Ave
Anaheim, CA 92807-2022

(800) 888-0802

(714) 997-9594-FAX


Rail Boot Repair

Railroad foreman, welding, and driving trucks are some of the many uses this customer loves TUFF TOE for.


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