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Motorcycle Boot Toe Protection & Repair


You are tough (or like we say “TUFF”), and you expect your equipment, including your motorcycle boots, to be tough as well. You don’t expect those new Red Wings you just bought to keep their spit shine gloss for long, but you do expect them to last. You don’t need the mirror finish – you just want your feet to stay warm, dry and protected.

You just aren’t an indoors kind of person. Your office is a 60-acre apple orchard. When you want to relax, you don’t head for the big city, you head for the Appalachian Trail – or maybe this year it will be Rocky Mountain National Park. The bed and breakfast you went to last year was in a tree house!

With that kind of love of the open, it isn’t surprising that you are a biker. Not a Sons of Anarchy kind of biker, but a biker, nonetheless. The feel of the wind, the smell of the woods, the bugs between your teeth. That’s what gets your motor revving!

Here at Tuff Toe, we know where you’re coming from. You are why we do what we do. When we started Tuff Toe in our garage back in the mid-70s, we were primarily aimed at the baseball and softball world. Tuff Toe gained such a reputation that we are now used by every Major League Baseball team in the country, the US Olympic baseball and softball teams and many collegiate teams across the country. We then turned our sights to the boots that so many of us wear for work and play.

What is Tuff Toe?

Tuff Toe is a patented polyurethane based adhesive coating that provides abrasion protection and a shield against water and many dangerous chemicals. The adhesive strengthens and stiffens the toe of your boot. Just as your boots protect our feet, Tuff Toe protects your boots with its extra-tough skin. Our patented Tuff Toe protection can either be factory applied or applied at home, with our well-designed, easy to follow home application kit. Tuff Toe protective coating comes in black, blue and red.

What do people have to say about Tuff Toe Boot Toe Guard?

Here are some comments by verified buyers:

  • Carlos R. says that “Tuff Toe is Tuff! I have used Tuff Toe for many years. The boots fall apart and the Tuff Toe is still going strong.”
  • Darrel B thinks that Tuff Toe is the “best product… finally a product that works.”
  • Scott D. says “I’m a welder/fabricator, in the shop using cutting torches and MIG welding daily. When you spend a lot of money on a good comfortable pair of boots, it’s best to get all the life you can out of them. Tuff Toe makes that happen. Easy to apply, long-lasting. Tuff Toe outlasted my last pair of boots. Thanks Tuff Toe.”

The home application kit is reasonably priced, on sale now for $22 per kit. Each kit has enough material for one pair of cleats and detailed instructions. The process is pretty easy. First, using painter’s tape or masking tape, outline the area you will be protecting. Then, using the sandpaper we provide, scuff the toe of the cleat to help the material stick better. Then, using the pre-filled two-plunger syringe, apply the material to the toes of each cleat. Remove the tape and you are done!

Typically, Tuff Toe triples the life expectancy of a pair of boots. How does $19.95 compare to the cost of two more pairs of boots?

Tuff Toe products are also terrific at protecting and extending the life of steel-toed boots, snow board boots, hiking boots, skateboarding shoes, mountain biking or cycling, baseball and softball cleats, and kids shoes. If the soles of your boots still look new, but you can see your socks through the holes in the toes, then this is the product for you!

To find out more about how Tuff Toe can greatly extend the life of your motorcycle boots, please contact us or give us a call at 800-888-0802. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Tuff Toe’s Mission Statement – Our goal is to deliver the finest product at a very competitive price in a timely manner while striving for complete customer satisfaction.


Rail Boot Repair

Railroad foreman, welding, and driving trucks are some of the many uses this customer loves TUFF TOE for.


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