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Customer Highlight – Why David Loves Tuff Toe

“Tuff Toe has doubled the life of my Rail boots. Out of the 8 pairs I have had since 2012, I have only lost a dime-sized chunk once and it wasn’t even down to the leather.”

  • David C.

David’s Story

David has been a railroad foreman for the last 6 years. His job requires driving trucks, high heat welding, a lot of walking, and kicking heavier things than most people will pick up in a month.

In my job, we are in every kind of condition possible. I can be standing over or next to 2,000 degrees and I have never had an issue.

He used to get his boots through a boot program at work and he kept tearing the toes. He tried plastic toe guards and they wouldn’t stay on.

From one company I used to work for, they would buy us plastic toe guards. I tried everything from 2 part epoxy to the super glue it comes with and nothing ever stuck. I think they’re useless. ”

Since he discovered Tuff Toe in 2012, he has yet to blow out a single toe. He’s so confident that Tuff Toe will protect his boots that he has switched to some extremely comfortable Chippewas. David takes pride in keeping his Tuff Toe treatment very neat with clean lines. He has a great tip. If you use a mouse power sander without the sanding pad on it, you can better control the run and get it to blend back in. Unseen air bubbles will come to the surface and even out. For his maroon chippewas, he used black and it came out looking like patented leather.

When we asked David what he likes best about Tuff Toe, he had a great answer!

“I love it when people ask me – dude, what did you spill on your boots? I like to wait until they blow out their boots and remind them that the stuff spilled on my boots is still going strong and it’s called Tuff Toe”

David depends on his boots every day in very difficult conditions and uses Tuff Toe to keep them going. He also wears boots during his off-time where he enjoys walking in the woods, shooting and coyote hunting. If anything happens to those boots, he plans on treating them with Tuff Toe!


Rail Boot Repair

Railroad foreman, welding, and driving trucks are some of the many uses this customer loves TUFF TOE for.


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