Application Tips for Tuff Toe Pro Baseball or Softball Cleat Protection

If you are a Baseball or Softball pitcher or catcher and you’re wearing holes in the toe of your cleats, that means you are pitching right, but it also means that you need baseball and softball cleat protection. Sure, you can get a new pair of cleats with any of our cleats where we give you Free Factory Applied Tuff Toe Pro Protection, but what if you already have a great pair of cleats?

You can either send us those cleats that you want Tuff Toe Pro applied to and in about 10-14 days you’ll have your cleats back with new Tuff Toe Pro applied. Or if you’d like to apply it yourself you can order either the Tuff Toe Pro application kit or the Tuff Toe Pro Pre-Molded system which we also sell at Dick’s Sporting Goods. FYI: For the best results, we always recommend the Tuff Toe Pro application system.

Applying Tuff Toe Pro to Your Baseball or Softball Cleats

You can apply your own Tuff toe Pro liquid cleat protection in about 15 minutes. It’s easy, economical and permanent. Follow the application steps below and you’ll be happy with the results.

1. Read the Instructions 

We see some crazy awful results out there from those who do not read and follow the instructions. They are the “Ready, Shoot, Aim” type of people. So please, just take a few min to read the instructions that come with the product to familiarize yourself with the application process, how the material acts and what result to expect.

Here’s an Epic Tuff Toe Fail. Don’t Be a “READY, SHOOT, AIM” person!

2. Prep Your Cleat Properly (This is a MUST)

Using fine sandpaper, sand the toe of your cleat for about 5-10 minutes. Below is an image of a woork boot that we prepped and you can see how much sanding was done by the color change. This boot had been shot by a shotgun in a hunting “accident”. 

Make sure you get into the leather of the shoe on top and well as into the rubber portion of the sole. Wipe off the rubber areas well with rubbing alcohol or acetone.

3. Equalize the Tuff Toe Pro Cartidges

Now it’s time to get the cartridges of the adhesive material ready. Equalize the two cartridges by evenly applying pressure on the plunger in the middle. Make sure that both cartridges are flowing out smoothly. Push about 1 inch of material out on a peice of paper or cardboard. The inital material that comes out of the nozzle has not properly mixed so by pushing it out you are throwing away the material that would not have set up properly yet. Just trust me on this. We get a few people who do not do this, complain that the material never set and remains gewey. So just equalize the cartridge… please!

4. Final Check

Lock on the mixer tip and re-check the flow, now coming out from the mixer tip. Don’t wait too long now because the material in the nozzle is beggining to set already. 

5. Apply

Once you are sure that the adhesive material is flowing out smoothly, begin application of the product on the bottom sole edge. This will ensure that you have a double coat on the bottom when you have finished the application process.

Remember to apply the product slowly so it doesn’t drip. Also, keep the mixer tip in the adhesive on the shoe during application.

6. Steady as She Goes, but Keep it Moving

Slowly begin applying adhesive along the seams and move downwards towards the sole. This ensures that the product runs into itself. You should take no more than :60 to apply the Tuff Toe ( recommend about :45). Make sure that you keep the nozzle in the product and keep a steady pace. 

7. Apply Heavier to the Inside Toe of your Cleat

When you’ve finished application on the toe area, go back to the sole bottom to apply another layer. This where you probably have noticed that you get the most wear at. 

Baseball and Softball players need an extra layer of material along the edge of the sole because that’s where they have the most wear and tear.

8. Rotate for an Even Finish

As soon as you have the area covered, rotate the shoe for about one minute to give the adhesive a chance to smooth out and firm up.

Baseball and Softball cleat protection is easy, fast and economical to apply on your own. Most people don’t get a perfect finish on their first time but if you follow the directions in the demo video then you should be able to get a very good final result.

If you want to know more about this product or others contact us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you. 


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