Tuff Toe vs. Shoe Goo – Pros, Cons & Reviews

Tuff Toe vs. Shoe Goo – Which the best most dependable workboot protection? I bet you think we’re gonna say “Tuff Toe,” right? Actually, we thought we’d be nice and tell you what customers are saying. 

So, let’s take a look at how the Tuff Toe vs. Shoe Goo rivalry matches up in terms of durability, price, ease of application and style.

Tuff Toe Review: The Pros And Cons

Tuff Toe has been trusted for shoe protection and repair since the 1970s. It is a two-part application epoxy that was developed by a NASA scientist – yup, this stuff has kept rockets together when they’re sent into space!

Tuff Toe has a 74% 5-star rating on Amazon, with the vast majority of negative reviews coming from people who had a hard time with application, whether because they struggled with the applicator tool or because the formula was old when it arrived.

Tuff Toe vs Shoe Goo Reviews

The general consensus is to order Tuff Toe directly from the company’s website, as third-party distributors may stock it for so long that the formula hardens in the cartridge.

Tuff Toe vs Shoe Goo Reviews

Additionally, Tuff Toe has been independently tested for its quality performance under extreme conditions:

NFPA 1971-07, 8.11 Modified Melting Safe to 500°F, with Flash Point 742°F

WATERPROOF: NFPA 1901-07, 7.10.17 Water Penetration Test


It is also completely chemical and abrasion resistant, as well as non-marking, so you don’t need to worry about the rough concrete you crawl on all day or scuffing up your client’s new floor.

Aside from its industrial strength adhesion formula, Tuff Toe stands out among its competitors as the only shoe protector and repair guaranteed to outlast the life of your boots if you get it professionally applied. For those of you who would rather do it yourself, be sure to watch this video on how to apply Tuff Toe.

Tuff Toe vs Shoe Goo Reviews

Perhaps the one downside to Tuff Toe is that it is one of the more expensive shoe adhesives on the market. But at less than $30, many customers seem to find it well worth the price when they don’t need to purchase a new pair of boots for hundreds of dollars several times a year.

Tuff Toe vs Shoe Goo Reviews

Tuff Toe is available in black, brown, and tan. It dries shiny but if you prefer a matte finish, just let it dry for 20 minutes then rub it with the palm of your hand or lightly with sandpaper.

Shoe Goo Review: The Pros And Cons

At the other end of the price spectrum is Shoo Goo, a well-known work boot adhesive sold widely in stores like Walmart, Lowe’s, and Target. For about $8, customers get a single formula (compare to the 2-part epoxy of Tuff Toe) that is easy and straightforward to apply. Unlike Tuff Toe, there’s not much preparation involved, like washing or sanding the area that needs repair. To apply, users just smear it on with their fingers or a tongue compressor.

Shoe Goo has mostly positive reviews from people who use it for sports and recreation, like running or skateboarding shoes, since it’s also supposed to add extra traction. It’s also great for fixing small holes, and is completely water resistant. One YouTuber even used it to fix a small hole a puppy chewed in her daughter’s shoe.

Tuff Toe vs Shoe Goo Reviews

Tuff Toe vs Shoe Goo Reviews

However, because of the very formula that makes it so inexpensive, Shoe Goo is not designed to last very long in harsh conditions, so it doesn’t seem to be used as much by working professionals.

Tuff Toe vs Shoe Goo Reviews

Tuff Toe vs Shoe Goo Reviews

Shoe Goo is available in clear and black.

The Best Work Boot Toe Protector: Tuff Toe vs. Shoe Goo

After reading the reviews for Tuff Toe vs Shoe Goo, it’s a fairly close call, but here’s why you should consider Tuff Toe…

Tuff Toe not only has more Amazon reviews than Shoe Goo, but those reviews are also from hard workers, like muckers, floor installers, and plumbers. Shoe Goo, on the other hand, seems able to handle the mild wear of everyday activities, but will not hold up under the extreme conditions most work boots face every day.

Its two-part epoxy formula makes Tuff Toe slightly more difficult to apply, but if done correctly it will extend the life of your boots for a long time, ultimately saving you the money you would have to spend on new boots, and the time you would take working more slowly and uncomfortably because of broken work boots. And if you opt to get Tuff Toe applied professionally – a service unique to Tuff Toe – it’s guaranteed to outlast the life of your boots.

Another testament to Tuff Toe’s superiority for hardworking professionals is its retail locations. While you can pick up Shoe Goo at the nearest Walmart, Tuff Toe is trusted by brands like Red Wing, which take pride in carrying some of the best work boots out there.

So, if you’re looking to repair something that gets light use like running shoes, or extend the life of your normal shoes, Shoo Goo could work for you. But if you need a reliable work boot protector that can withstand hours of heat, dragging across rough surfaces, and the potential to have heavy objects dropped on it every day, opt for Tuff Toe and stop paying hundreds of dollars every year to keep your feet safe and comfortable at work. It also has the most stylistic options and is 100% made in the USA.

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