Tuff Toe vs. KG’s Boot Guard – Pros, Cons & Reviews

Tuff Toe vs. Kg’s Boot Guard – Which the best most dependable workboot protection? I bet you think we’re gonna say “Tuff Toe,” right? Actually, we thought we’d be nice and tell you what customers are saying. 

So, let’s take a look at how the Tuff Toe vs. Kg’s Boot Guard rivalry matches up in terms of durability, price, ease of application and style.


Tuff Toe Review: Pros And Cons

Tuff Toe has been a trusted brand in work boot protection and repair for decades. The two-part epoxy formula was developed by a NASA scientist  – yup, this stuff has kept rockets together when they’re sent into space!

Tuff Toe has a good record for reviews on Amazon, with the overwhelming majority of negative reviews coming from people who struggled with the application process, either because they found it difficult to use the applicator tool or because they bought the formula through a third party and it was old and hard when it arrived.

For this reason, Tuff Toe’s users recommend ordering the formula directly from the company’s website, since third-party distributors may stock it for so long that the formula hardens in the cartridge.

Additionally, many customers reported that watching this video on how to apply Tuff Toe made the application process easier.

If you are still hesitant to apply it yourself, the good news is that Tuff Toe stands out among its competitors as the only shoe protector and repair guaranteed to outlast the life of your boots if you get it professionally applied.

Another thing that makes Tuff Toe unique is that it has been independently tested for its quality performance under extreme conditions, and includes these features:

  • NFPA 1971-07, 8.11 Modified Melting Safe to 500°F, with Flash Point 742°F
  • WATERPROOF: NFPA 1901-07, 7.10.17 Water Penetration Test
  • ELECTRICAL NON-CONDUCTIVE: NFPA 1971-2007, 8.32 & ASTM F2412

It is also completely chemical and abrasion resistant, as well as non-marking, so you don’t need to worry about the rough concrete you crawl on all day tearing it off, or marking up your client’s new floor.

And Tuff Toe carries its product in black, brown, and tan, so you can be sure to find one that matches your boots. Tuff Toe dries shiny, but if you want a matte finish, just let it dry for 20 minutes after applying, then rub it with your hand or lightly with sandpaper.

Perhaps the one downside to Tuff Toe is that it is one of the more expensive shoe adhesives on the market. But at less than $30, many customers find it well worth the price when they don’t need to purchase a new pair of boots for hundreds of dollars several times a year.

Tuff Toe Reviews (Helpful Positive):

Tufftoe vs KB Bootguard Reviews

Tufftoe vs KB Bootguard Reviews

Tufftoe vs KB Bootguard Reviews

Tufftoe vs KB Bootguard Reviews

Tuff Toe Reviews (Helpful Negative):

Tufftoe vs KB Bootguard Reviews

Tufftoe vs KB Bootguard Reviews

KG Boot Guard Review: Pros And Cons

KG Boot Guard is less expensive than Tuff Toe, probably because of its formula. Instead of two-part epoxy, KG’s Boot Guard is a thick inky liquid mixed with chunks of rubber. Therefore, it is important to mix it thoroughly or it will not stick to your work boots.

Another result of this formula is that it is necessary to apply two to three coats, with several hours of drying time in between each one. Some users have found this difficult. For instance, one customer applied the first coat before going to bed, then when he woke up the next morning to apply the second coat, the formula had completely hardened in its container.

Another drawback of KG Bootguard is its intense fumes, which make it necessary to wear a respirator while applying it, and to apply it only in specific areas (not in your kitchen or family room, for example).

KG Boot Guard also claims to be waterproof and flame resistant, though without the independent tests that Tuff Toe highlights. One Kg’s user even claimed to have melted ice off his work boots with a torch without damaging the toe guard.

Perhaps the area where Kg’s Boot Guard really stands out is in its flexibility, whereas Tuff Toe is stiffer. However, a result of its flexibility is that, even after the formula has cured, it feels rubbery and can cause marking on the surfaces it dragged against.

KG’s Boot Guard comes in black and brown, though reviews on Amazon indicate that even the brown formula dries black. The chunks that make up part of the formula are also visible after drying.

KG’s Boot Guard does offer a 90-day return policy for customers who are unhappy with the product.

KG’s Boot Guard Reviews (Helpful Positive):

Tuff Toe vs KG Bootguard Reviews

Tuff Toe vs KG Bootguard Reviews

Tuff Toe vs KG Bootguard Reviews

Tuff Toe vs KG Bootguard Reviews

KG’s Boot Guard Reviews (Helpful Negative):

Tuff Toe vs KG Bootguard Reviews

Tuff Toe vs KG Bootguard Reviews

Tuff Toe vs KG Bootguard Reviews

Tuff Toe vs KG Bootguard Reviews

Tuff Toe vs. Kg’s Boot Guard – Which is Best for You?

After reading the reviews for Tuff Toe vs Kg’s Boot Guard, it’s a close call, but here’s why you might consider Tuff Toe…

The two brands have almost exactly the same number of reviews on Amazon, but Tuff Toe’s ranking averages slightly higher at 4.5 stars compared to Kg’s 4.2 stars. Tuff Toe’s reviews are also clearly by hard-working professionals working jobs like concrete and welding. While there are a few reviews by such professionals for Kg’s Boot Guard, the majority are unclear about how their boots are being used.

Tuff Toe’s two-part epoxy formula makes it slightly more difficult to apply, but if done correctly it will extend the life of your boots for a long time, ultimately saving you the money you would have to spend on new boots, and the time you would take working more slowly and uncomfortably because of broken work boots. And if you opt to get Tuff Toe applied professionally – a service unique to Tuff Toe – it’s guaranteed to outlast the life of your boots.

Happy KG’s customers also leave good reviews about the longevity of the formula, but there are more complaints about peeling than there are for Tuff Toe. And there is no professional application service or guarantee that the product will outlast the life of your work boots.

Unhappy KG’s customers tend to complain about the formula itself. It dries rubbery and chunky, and only in black (even when customers order brown). Not to mention the marking of surfaces that comes with it.

It seems like KG’s Boot Guard might be worth a try if you work in an environment where the appearance of your shoes and whether or not they leave marks on the surfaces you work on doesn’t matter. But if you need a reliable work boot protector that can withstand intense environments every day, as well as look professional while dealing with clients, opt for Tuff Toe and stop paying hundreds of dollars every year to keep your feet safe and comfortable at work.

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