Refer Your Local Store to Us & Get $50 Tuff Toe Credit

Free Tuff Toe Pro or Tuff Toe Boot Guards Offer.

To get your $50 Tuff Toe Credit, follow these steps.

1 Find a local store that meets the Tuff Toe Reseller Criteria listed below.

2 Call or visit the local store and ask to make sure they don’t sell or have not sold Tuff Toe Pro, Boots or any other Tuff Toe product.

3 If they do not sell Tuff Toe products then email us at and include the store phone #, business name and address.

We’ll investigate and verify the store to make sure it’s accurate and that it meets the Tuff Toe Reseller Criteria. If it does then we will give you a $50 Tuff Toe Gift Card that you can use on any product we sell.

Tuff Toe Reseller Criteria

1. Must have a brick and mortar retail location and keep regular business hours. 

Unless they are a commercial production, warehouse, fabrication or public service department (fire, police, etc)

2. Sell either footwear, footwear accessories, or footwear repair services for any of the following categories;

  • athletic footwear (Disc golf, tennis, volleyball, 
  • outdoor sports (camping, rock climbing, mountain or road biking, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, etc)
  • power sports (motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile)
  • hunting or agricultural supply
  • survival/emergency prep 
  • work/labor
  • custom or specialty footwear (specialty footwear for special needs e.g. cerebral palsy or other handicaps)

We will check the info you send us and may use your name as a reference when contacting the store, unless otherwise indicated by you. We alone determine, without a third party, if the referred retailer meets our reseller criteria. All determinations are final and future changes in the qualifications of a retailer will not affect the initial referral denial of a retailer. In store credit may only be used on products that we have on our website for the full retail amount. If you use the credit towards an application service then you will be responsible for all shipping and associated charges. Your in store credit will be electronic and no card will be sent to you. 

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