Quick Reference Infographic: How to Apply Tuff Toe Boot Guards


If your Tuff Toe material is cold then it will take longer to setup and cure. Make sure it has not been left in a cold area. Check this by feeling the Tuff Toe cartridge, if it feels cold or cool to the touch then run it under hot water to heat it up.

Infographic How to Apply Tuff Toe to your steel toe work boots quick reference

Prep your work area by placing paper or plastic underneath where you will be applying Tuff Toe.

 Prep the Boot

Tape Off – Tape off area of your boot with masking or painters tape. Typically you’ll want to apply tough toe to cover the steel or composite toe area and shoe seams. You will also want to tape off the front sole of the boot so you can create a clean edge. (not shown in the video).

Sand and Scuff up Surface – Scruff up area with the sandpaper included in your Tuff Toe package. The smoother the leather or rubber the more aggressively you will need to sand to create a rough surface.

Equalize Cartridge – Remove the tip and Equalize cartridge by pressing out a the material to make sure the product is mixing equally.

TIP: Mark plunger or cartridge half way so you know how much product to apply to each boot.

Mixer Tip & Push Plate Put the Applicator Mixer Tip on the cartridge and slide flat plastic Push Plate onto the cartridge.

TIP: Push Tuff Toe material into the tip and let it sit for 15 sec before applying.


Apply on Top Middle – Apply at the top and move side to side *For best results: Keep the applicator tip in the material as you apply Tuff Toe*

TIP: Apply steady pressure to the plunger

Steady Pressure – The product will be runny but begins setting up quickly so keep moving at a steady pace.

Create Clean Bottom Edge – Once you have applied the product to the top of your boot and are fingers width from the bottom then quickly begin applying a bead across the bottom to create a clean edge line.

Finish Applying Return to apply the Tuff Toe and let it run down to the bottom.

After you Finish

Remove the tape – Immediately remove the tape slowly so it does not sling any Tuff Toe product anywhere.

Rotate 2 mins Set a timer for 2 min and Rotate the shoe for 2 minutes.

*For a Matte finish

Set a timer for 30 min. Touch to make sure it feels slightly tacky. If your Tuff Toe feels sticky then wait another 5 min and retest.

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