Customer Highlight: Why Bob Loves Tuff Toe

 Since finding Tuff Toe, I now get several years from each pair. I’ve been able to restore even the most worn and leaky boots to a usable state.” – Bob I.

Bob’s Story

Bob is a sheet metal fabricator and installer of ductwork for hvac systems. His work requires a lot of kneeling time on concrete floors and dirty job sites as well as on ladders. Due to regular boot damage, he has been forced to buy up to 3 new pairs a year!

And then he discovered Tuff Toe.  

“My boots are my friends on muddy, grubby job sites. Foot comfort is important to me in my declining years. What I like most about Tuff Toe is the ease of application with the Tuff Gun and how I can make old boots usable again – saving me money on purchasing new boots.”

Bob spends most of his day on his feet and uses 3 pairs of currently “Tuff Toe’d” up boots that he affectionately calls his “Frankenboots”. To better protect against fluid, wear, and tear he has a Tuff Toe application on the boot toe as well as the seam connecting to the sole. He loves his boots and wants them to last as long as possible. Tuff Toe allows Bob to mend and protect his favorite boots that keep his feet comfortable and safe on the job.

Bob is such a fan of Tuff Toe that he calls himself “the Tuff Toe poster child” around job sites. He’ll spot worn steel toe boots, show off his Frankenboots and recommend Tuff Toe. Way to go Bob! We appreciate the effort and support.

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