Customer Highlight- Why Bethany Loves Tuff TOE

“Stores don’t stock my size. It took me 3 months to find the right pair of boots. I’ll admit, I want to look good on site. I did the online research and Tuff Toe got the best reviews, provides very durable protection for my boots and looks great too!”

Bethany’s Story:

Bethany spends all day in her boots. She walks 2 miles through the city to get to work and logs 4 miles a day working on high-rise construction sites.  As an electrician, she needs comfortable, walkable boots that also meet specific safety requirements like non-conductivity and a safety toe. To make things more challenging, most stores don’t carry her size. It took 3 months for Bethany to find the right size and fit boots.

These work boots are an integral piece of her life and that’s why she uses Tuff Toe. It provides the durable protection she needs to make her hard-to-find boots last. However, she was looking for a bit more that just durability. She really wanted them to look good too. Even after months of on-site work, her boots still look great.

“I’ll admit, I want to look good on site. When I first wore the boots at work, people said it looked great. I was so proud I sent a picture to my Mom!”

Although most of her coworkers use Tuff Toe, she still did the research. She looked at Kg’s Boot Guard and Boot Saver as well. In her own words,

“Kg’s look didn’t appeal to me. I liked that you can put Tuff Toe where you want it, in whatever style you want. With Boot Saver, it just goes in one spot and looks the same.”

Bethany did have one concern about Tuff Toe. The application process intimidated her a bit and she was worried she might mess it up. The Tuff Gun applicator was a game changer. It made it a much easier process than she thought.

“I’m glad I got the gun, it made things a lot easier and way less intimidating.”

Bethany puts her boots through a lot every day and Tuff Toe is not just up to the task, it looks great doing it too.

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