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You can print the instructions for Tuff Toe by clicking here.

Yes. Just sand the existing Tuff Toe, wipe with rubbing alcohol or other solvent and re-apply.

This is usually due to failure to ‘equalize the cartridge’. To fix, remove the uncured portion of the Tuff Toe and re-sand the area that needs more material including the surrounding Tuff Toe, and clean with solvent. Use another mixer tip (we provide three) and dispense a 2” line of Tuff Toe onto scratch paper in order to ensure that side A & B are reaching the tip at the same time. Apply Tuff Toe to the sanded area and it should cure.

Yes. Sand the steel and the leather toe cap. Apply a coating of Tuff Toe over just the exposed steel portion on both boots. After this is set up change mixer tips, dispense an inch line on scratch paper to make sure A and B are reaching the tip at the same time, and apply a coating of Tuff Toe over the entire toe cap. You will get a double coating on the formerly exposed steel toe area where you abuse your boot the most. Make sure to use all of the Tuff Toe for one pair of boots.

Tuff Toe has passed the NFPA 1971-07, 8.11 modified melting test. This means Tuff Toe did not melt or drip at 500 degrees F when exposed to that temp in an oven for 5 minutes. The flashpoint for cured Tuff Toe is 742 degrees F. We have many firemen wearing Tuff Toe without incident.

Yes. Tuff Toe passed the NFPA 1971-2007, 8.32 & ASTM F2412 which means Tuff Toe does not conduct electricity. Some folks use Tuff Toe to insulate wiring.

Yes. Many folks have fixed fishing waders and covered the welts of their boots for protection. Tuff Toe passed NFPA 1901-07, 7.10.17 water penetration test. No water shall penetrate.
Tuff Toe is designed for abrasion, water, and chemical resistance. Although we can’t guarantee effectiveness we have heard people using Tuff Toe as an adhesive, sealant, rubber repair, leather repair, upholstery and luggage repair, auto bumper patching, wire insulation, tire repair and more.