Customer Highlight – Why Sean Loves Tuff Toe

“As a flooring installer for 30 years, I am on my toes and knees all of the time. Before Tuff Toe, my boots were only lasting 6-8 months. Now they average a year and a half!”

  • Sean O.

Sean’s Story

Over the last 10 years, Sean has been using Tuff Toe to protect his work boots at his job as a flooring installer. He saves a ton of money by buying cheap Walmart Timberland boots and Tuff Toeing them!

I like that I don’t have to by multiple pairs of boots in a year. It’s like having the protection of steel toe cap boots without needing the steel toe! You can whack it with a hammer with no effect! ”

A Chicago Blackhawks fan, he has played in a men’s hockey league for years. He also rollerblades 30 miles a week on top of being on his feet 7 hours a day, 5 days a week on very hard surfaces. Sean finds Tuff Toe so easy to apply and trustworthy that he uses it on his hockey skates as well.    

“I watched the treatment video a couple of times and now I’m a pro. I like doing it! I’m about to get another pair of boots and try it on the heel.”

Sean loves the durability and protection that Tuff Toe gives his work boots and hockey skates. It doubles the life of his boots and saves him a bunch of money each year!

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