Customer Highlight: Why Robert Loves Tuff Toe

I like this product a lot. It’s very durable and it doesn’t chip or break off – Very Tough!” – Robert G.

Robert’s Story

For the last 28 years, Robert’s work building portable and permanent bridges has had him use all sorts of welding equipment including cutting torches and plasma cutters. His steel toe safety boots take a beating from sparks, hot metal and crawling on the floor. The toes blowout and the laces tear often.

All of this changed when he found Red Wing Boots and Tuff Toe.

“I used to buy cheap boots from either Kmart or Walmart, but I’ve switched to Red Wing boots. They are much better boots. I tried the glue on toe caps, but they didn’t last long. Tuff Toe has. ”

Tuff Toe worked so well that when Robert wanted his boots resoled, a professional boot repairman had a very difficult time separating the sole. The Tuff Toe adhesion was that strong! The guys at work like how he has Tuffened his boots up, asking where he got Tuff Toe and if it’s easy to apply – which it is!

For Robert the bridge builder and welder, Tuff Toe provides the added toughness and durability he needs to protect his boots and stay on the job.

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