Customer Highlight: Why Igor Loves Tuff Toe

“As a Shipfitter, my job wears through even the toughest boots in 6 months. I have been impressed with how chunks of hot metal fell on Tuff Toe and didn’t burn through” – Igor P.

Igor’s Story

Igor is often welding in a shipyard for his job. It’s a wet environment where sparks fly and chunks of hot metal drop to the ground on a regular basis. The top of the line steel toe boots are required as a safety precaution. Even with the best boots on the market, Igor has needed a new pair about every 6 months.

His wife, Kimberly, decided that they should be able to do better and found Tuff Toe.

Igor likes his boots to be uniform, presentable, comfortable and tough. He happens to have wider feet, so finding boots is no easy task. After some extensive online research, Kimberly found a great pair of new boots and discovered Tuff Toe to protect them. Kimberly applied Tuff Toe to the toe as well as the stitching on Igor’s boots to test how it holds up in the harshest conditions. So far, so good.

“My goal was to make these new boots truly waterproof with a stitching application. With Tuff Toe I haven’t seen any separation. Didn’t even rub off – extremely solid. My husband also likes the smooth matte finish and has been impressed by how chunks of hot metal fell on the Tuff Toe and didn’t burn through. It’s easy to apply and does exactly as advertised.”  -Kimberly P.

We will continue to check in with Igor and Kimberly to see how Tuff Toe has been holding up on Igor’s boots.

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