Customer Highlight- Why Anthony Loves TUFF TOE for curling!

Curling Shoe Repair

  “Tuff Toe helps trail foot curling shoes last twice as long. The application process is easy and takes me under half an hour.

  • Anthony L.

Anthony’s Curling Story

Anthony owns and runs Lakeside Curling inside the Duluth Curling Club in Minnesota. This isn’t just any curling club. The Duluth club is 127 years old and several Olympic curlers from the recent U.S. gold medal-winning team are part of it. Some of the best curling in the nation is here. Anthony sells everything associated with this up and coming sport to those who want to be a part of it.

A key item he sells are shoes specifically designed for curling. You might be wondering what do curling shoes look like, how are they different, and how does Tuff Toe help? We have a few pictures here to show as well as an expert (Anthony) to help explain:

As opposed to a tennis shoe that has a curve for walking, the curling shoe’s bottom is flat. The back foot shoe has grippers on the bottom to grab the ice and the front foot shoe has a slippery piece of Teflon to help you slide smoothly. The toe of the back foot shoe needs to slide as well. Tuff Toe gives that perfect slide on the back foot toe, yet won’t wear down.”

Before Tuff Toe, customers could start seeing the wear and tear right away. He tried other products that offered dip for curling toe coating, yet they didn’t work out. The dips went on super thin and didn’t protect the shoes.

Anthony has been doing applications for 5 years. He often applies on the toes of curling shoes,  sometimes up to laces, and occasionally even puts shoes back together with Tuff Toe. He has such faith in our product, he goes above and beyond for his customers and friends.

Friends of mine mentioned they knew someone who was wearing through shoes very quickly due to a recent stroke and dragging his foot. They’re bringing in his shoes for me to do an application free of charge to help him out.”

Thanks, Anthony for trusting Tuff Toe for your curling shoe business and helping others as well!  


Rail Boot Repair

Railroad foreman, welding, and driving trucks are some of the many uses this customer loves TUFF TOE for.


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