Steel Toe Work Boots

Here we show you how to apply Tuff Toe Boot Guards with our step by step instructions as well as in our demo video below.

This is the same way we use and how every Tuff Toe Certified Application Pro applies Tuff Toe for a professional factory finish.

Make sure to read through the instructions and watch the demo video before starting.

If you have any questions on how to apply Tuff Toe Boot Guards, please call, email, or Facebook message us. If you don’t want to apply Tuff Toe Boot Guards yourself, we have nationwide Tuff Toe Certified Pros who can apply it for you, click here for the directory.

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How to Apply Tuff Toe Boot Guards:
Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Tape off the applicaiton area

Your 1st step when applying your Tuff Toe Boot Guards is to tape off the application area. Use masking or painters tape to tape off your boots so that Tuff Toe will cover anywhere from the toe tip to 1-2 cm from where the steel toe ends. We don’t recommend applying Tuff Toe to any flex areas. You can tape along the sole edge if you’d like a cleaner line.

step 2: prep the area by cleaning, sanding and deglazing oily boots

The few times we have had Tuff Toe not adhere to a shoe or boot is when the footwear material is either not prepped properly or is simply low quality leather or plastic. 

Step 3: get the Tuff Toe material ready by equalizing the cartridge so that the 2 parts come out equally

CRUCIAL. Equalize the 2-part cartridge as well as the mixing nozzle. To do this simple push out some material until you see that both the clear and color parts are extracting.  

Step 4-Apply Tuff Toe from corner of the boot

Hold the boot with your left hand (if you’re right handed) and begin on the left side. Apply slowly from the sole to top.

If you apply too quickly the material will come out runny and take-off on you. Applying slowly allows the material to begin setting so that it is thicker and easier to manage.

If the material begins to run on you, simply turn the boot so that the material runs back into itself. 

Ste 5 Remove Tape after 20 sec and rotate

Immediately remove the tape. Pull carefully so that you don’t mess up your application.

Step 6 Rotate to focus the material on the nose of the boot toe

The material is still setting up and if you simply put the boot down the material will run to the sole. You want the material to be focused on the toe tip, so rotate the boot for 1-2 mins with the toe tip pointed down. 

Work Boot repair guards for leather steel toe boots holes in steel toe safety toe leather boots ideal for Carhartt Red Wing Thorogood TimberlandA full 24 hrs is recommended for a full cure, however you will see that within 90 mins the material will be 80% cured. If you have to use your boots before the 24 hrs we recommend putting them in a warm area to help speed up the process (a hot car or in front of a heater works great).


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