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Make sure to read through the instructions and watch the demo video before starting. If you have any questions, call, email, or Facebook message us. If you don’t want to apply Tuff Toe yourself, we have nationwide retailers who can apply it for you, click here for the directory.

Applying Tuff Toe:
Step-by-Step Instructions

You’ll see an arrow (we’ve highlighted ours in the photo), line it up to the center of your cleats toe. Now check it and trim off any part of the cleat or Molded Pro so that the Molded Pro fits flush against the cleat.

Now that the Molded Pro is trimmed, you’ll use a pencil to trace the area where you will sand and apply adhesive to. You can use a marker or pen but a pencil is easier to remove and leaves a cleaner finish.

Sand the leather upper, any foam and plastic surfaces well with the included sandpaper. You can speed this up by using a dremmel or sanding wheel. Otherwise you’ll need to sand until all surfaces are rough.

Apply the adhesive first to the Molded Pro, you should have enough to apply sparingly, bout don’t overload it. Smear the adhesive to an even layer with the included popsicle stick.

Next, move onto the cleat and do the same as you did with the Molded Pro, applying to an even layer then spreading with the popsicle stick.

Wait 10 Min for the adhesive to set before continuing.

Grab your Molded Pro and line it up before you press it to your cleat. You don’t have to press hard, the next step is where the adhesion and custom forming takes place.


The material is still setting up and if you simply put the boot down the material will run to the sole. You want the material to be focused on the toe tip, so rotate the boot for 1-2 mins with the toe tip pointed down.

A full 24 hrs is recommended for a full cure, however you will see that within 90 mins the material will be 80% cured. If you have to use your boots before the 24 hrs we recommend putting them in a warm area to help speed up the process (a hot car or in front of a heater works great).


Find a Tuff Toe Certified Application Pro (TCAP) near you.