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v2 Pro Bulk Now Available!

Tuff Toe Fastpitch v2 Base foundation layer is the same product we use in our Custom “Dip” process for extra protection at the sole edge, and now for the first time it is available to our customers in Bulk! This is not the top coat so make sure you purchase the colored Tuff Toe regular cartridge to go over the base layer cartridge.

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How To Apply

v2 can be applied to a new or used cleat, as well as over existing Tuff Toe Pro or v2 Base material. No matter the application, follow the Tuff Toe Application Prep process. The v2 Base is used on the sole/upper edge of the cleat and is formulated to be the most durable layer of defense of your cleats.

v2 Base also will set up quicker so you can apply Tuff Toe Pro layers over it within 5-20 mins.

Reapplications & Touch-Ups:

Once you can begin to see the v2 Base showing you know it’s time to apply a new layer of Tuff Toe Pro.

Tuff Toe Bulk products are only available when you buy the Tuff Gun for application. Bulk product comes unpackaged with a Tuff Toe cartridge and two mixer tips per cartridge only. We will check your past history to verify you have already purchased a gun if you don’t add it to your cart.

What’s Included:

1 v2 Baselayer, 3 Mixing Tips. Our product photos may not show exactly or all of the items included.

Color Options:

v2 Base comes in Black only.

Additional Quantities: 

If you need more than 25 units please call us 800-888-0802, send us a message on our live chat or Facebook Messenger m.me/tufftoeinc or on our Facebook Page facebook.com/tufftoeinc/ or email us at order@tufftoe.com.

Again, the Tuff Toe Bulk v2 material and cartridges are designed to be applied only with the Tuff Gun Applicator. The Tuff Toe Bulk v2 material is thicker and the cartridge is shaped and designed specifically for the Tuff Gun and you will have a very difficult time applying the Tuff Toe material with the plastic syringe press from the packaged products. Because we have had customers buy the Tuff Toe Bulk products only to discover this when the product arrived we now will not process your order if you have never purchased the Tuff Gun from us.

Additional information

Weight 2.8 oz
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 1.5 in