Tuff Gun Pro Application Tool


Customized for Tuff Toe applications specifically, this 50mL dual-chamber applicator gives you the ultimate control of the speed and amount of Tuff Toe you put on your boots, shoes, cleats, or anything else you want to protect or repair. You’ll also be able to purchase Tuff Toe in our Bulk Program, which will allow you just to purchase the Tuff Toe cartridges, saving you up to $10 per Tuff Toe.

In reality, you don’t need a TUFF GUN to apply TUFF TOE like a Pro, but this bad boy will make it much easier and faster while making the finished product look like it was applied at the factory.

  • Customized for Tuff Toe applications only
  • Add 3 Tuff Toe Applicator Mixing Tips
  • Buy Tuff Toe in bulk. Once you own the Tuff Gun, you’ll be able to buy Tuff Toe cartridges and save up to $10 per Tuff Toe under our Tuff Toe Bulk Program.
  • Get the professional Tuff Toe finish
  • Allows you to apply Tuff Toe easier
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We get asked all of the time what we do to apply Tuff Toe and get that factory finish.

The answer is 1) follow the instructions carefully, and 2) get a Tuff Gun.

Once you have the Tuff Gun, you can purchase Tuff Toe in Bulk The bulk product comes unpackaged and contains one Tuff Toe cartridge and two mixer tips per cartridge.

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy in Bulk and Save $$$

Combine the Tuff Gun with the Tuff Toe Bulk Cartridge and get our best priced combo of $41.99. Just go to the Tuff Toe: Bulk product page to order the Tuff Gun along with Tuff Toe Bulk units in different colors/amounts and get our lowest pricing by buying Tuff Toe Bulk Cartridges.

Additional information

Weight 7.3 oz
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 2 in

Tuff Gun, Tuff Gun + 3 Mixing Tips