Cartridge Mixing Tips


Included in each Tuff Toe product package will be 2 Mixing Tips, which funnel and mix the Tuff Toe part A and part B as it flows through the chambers. However, if you pause and stop using Tuff Toe for more than 45-60 seconds, the material will begin to harden within the mixing tip, making the tip unusable.

Because the Mixing Tips are 1-time use items and are required to apply Tuff Toe, many people want additional mixing tips to allow them to use extra Tuff Toe on repairing other parts of your boots/shoes or even repairing other items around the house.

Sold in quantities of 3, 6, 1 Dozen, 2 Dozen and 3 Dozen.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz

3 Mixing Tips, 1/2 Dozen, 1 Dozen, 2 Dozen, 3 Dozen