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Buy in bulk and save. Bulk Tuff Toe Cartridge + Tuff Gun shown. Everything included to appy Tuff Toe. SKU # TTBBLKGUNBUNDLE

Bulk Tuff Toe Boot Cartridge + Tuff Gun

For our many customers who have discovered the many uses of Tuff Toe beyond shoe repair, we offer our Tuff Toe Bulk program, which gives you not only great pricing on Tuff Toe, but also the professional Tuff Gun to give you a more professional look while making Tuff Toe easier than ever to use.

$41.99  $59.99

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Save More As a Tuff Toe Bulk Customer:
Buy a Tuff Gun Applicator

To use your Tuff Toe Bulk cartridges you will need to first have the Tuff Gun Applicator which you can buy by itself or in our Bulk Combo Pack:

Tuff Toe shown being prepared for application to work boots. Triple the life of your work boots and make repairs easy with Tuff Toe.

$34.99 $44.99 


$42.99 $59.99 


Commercial Team Accounts
Save up to 40%

Set up your Tuff Toe Bulk Team Commercial account to receive additional discounts and save up to 40% on your Tuff Toe Bulk orders. 

This is perfect for companies who provide Tuff Toe to their employees, as well as at Curling clubs, little league teams, and NCAA athletic departments. Click the link to fill out the form and we will contact you to complete your account set up.


Interested in reselling Tuff Toe or learning how to professionally apply it for others?

Tuff Toe shown being applied to boots by Red Wing Tuff Toe Certified Application Professional (TCAP).

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