(Tan) TUFF TOE BOOTS: v2 -Work Boot Toe Guard Saver

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TUFF TOE v2: The Newly Engineered TUFF TOE Formula Has Arrived

Optional COMBO PACK upgrade includes the Tuff Gun applicator so you can apply Tuff Toe the same way we do for in our shop.

Introducing the latest in Tuff Toe technology, the Tuff Toe v2.

The difference between the TUFF TOE v2 and the Tuff Toe Original Formula is that the v2 is a more rigid, durable and stronger formula, which is perfect for steel toe boots. 

  • Non-Marking
  • Chemical resistant (Great for Hazmat boots)
  • Certified Heat resistant to 742° F (Perfect for Firefighters Turnout boots)
  • Certified Waterproof 
  • Won 3rd Place NRCA (National Roofiong Contractors Assoc Convention)
  • Electrical Non-Conductive
  • Helps insulate steel toes in the cold
  • Designed to adhere to any work boot sole, leather and boot material and protect your toe area of your boots from becoming damaged.
  • 100% Made in USA

The Ultimate boot savers that save you money by protecting your steel toe leather work boot and equipment from wear and tear with Tuff Toe™.

Tuff Toe will protect your boots from damage when your boots come in contact with wood, metal, concrete, chemicals or anything else that beats up your boots.

Roofers, Welders, Plumbers, Electricians, Concrete Finishers, and Flooring Installers are just a few hard workers that use Tuff Toe to triple the life of their boots. Tuff Toe is an inexpensive insurance policy when spending your hard earned money on a quality pair of boots.

Face it; you need to protect your boots because eventually you will kick off the leather or plastic boot saver toe cap exposing the steel toe. Our protective Tuff Toe Boots v2 Toe Guards are specially formulated to adhere to any boot surface even the exposed steel or composite toe if you are already at that point.


We not only claim that the Tuff Toe Boots v2 is the Best Boot Toe Guard ever but, we are also standing behind that claim with a TUFF TOE BOOT-LIFE GUARANTEE. We will Guarantee TUFF TOE v2 from wearing off, chipping off, cracking, peeling, not adhering, or in any way not work, for the useful life of your boots! The only stipulation is that you have a TUFF TOE Certified Application Pro (T-CAP) apply the v2 to your boots.

Order our T-CAP service with your product to have a local TUFF TOE Certified Pro apply your TUFF TOE v2 to your boots, and you will receive the BOOT-LIFE GUARANTEE.  Email us at team@tufftoe.com if you need help locating a T-CAP or look them up here on our Tuff Toe locations page.

Don’t have a T-CAP in your area? Then we will stand behind YOU!  If you watch our on line TUFF TOE application video and apply the entire v2 cartridge yourself, then we will stand behind your TUFF TOE v2 application skills and v2 for 90 Days!


  • NFPA 1971-07, 8.11 Modified Melting Safe to 500°F, with Flash Point 742°F
  • WATERPROOF: NFPA 1901-07, 7.10.17 Water Penetration Test
  • ELECTRICAL NON-CONDUCTIVE: NFPA 1971-2007, 8.32 & ASTM F2412 


Orders placed after 11:00 AM Pacific Time will ship out the following business day. Standard Shipping delivery times will be 5-7 business days, depending on courier transit times. *Estimates depends on UPS & USPS transit times. For cleats and custom Tuff Toe applications, add 1-2 business days for processing. Call or email us for shipping delivery details. 800-888-0802 order@tufftoe.com