TUFF-GUN Applicator: Apply TUFF TOE Like a Pro

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We get asked all of the time how to apply Tuff Toe better and the truth is we just have a lot of practice, as well as our TUFF GUN is at our disposal. You don't need a TUFF GUN to apply TUFF TOE like a pro (a.k.a. Us!) but this bad boy will make it much easier and faster while making the finished product look great.

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy in Bulk and Save $$$

Once you have the Tuff Gun you can purchase Tuff Toe in Bulk. Bulk product comes unpackaged and contains one Tuff Toe cartridge and two mixer tips per cartridge. After adding the Tuff Gun and bulk product to your cart you can return to the Tuff Toe: Bulk Pricing page to order more bulk units in different colors/amounts if you need more than 12 units. Once the gun is in your cart you will not need to add another one. 



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