Coupon, Ad & Discount Policies

First of all, let us all at Tuff Toe, Inc. apologize for the small print. We hate small print. We’ll try to make things easy to understand and adhere to. However, what we’ve found is that a small percentage of people want to take advantage and try to find caveats so that they can get free stuff or just complain about tiny details.

Coupon & Discount Terms:

Unless otherwise specified, coupons and sales will apply to only Tuff Toe Branded products and will exclude bulk products and Custom Services. 

Tuff Toe Branded & Bulk Products: Tuff Toe branded products are products the have the Tuff Toe logo on them. 

Bulk Products: Bulk products are any Tuff Toe products that are sold without the retail packaging and/or contain “Bulk” in the title.

Custom Services: Our Custom Services are defined as any service that we perform to a product that changes it from its original state. Custom Dip/Application services and upgrade services fall under this definition.

Expiration Dates: We leave expired offers on here for record purposes. So if you don’t have an offer code or don’t see the discount on the home or products page then chances are it’s expired, so don’t email us asking for a coupon code, please 🙂

Minimum Purchase Amounts: The coupon, email, or page where you received the offer will have the expiration date of the coupon. If you do not see an expiration, then please email us at

Clubhouse Newsletter Coupons: For those who subscribe to our Tuff Toe Clubhouse emails, you will receive exclusive discounts, Buy One, Get One deal, notices of members only sales, as well as other offers. Clubhouse coupons can only be used by Clubhouse members. We verify each coupon usage to our list of Clubhouse members and may reject your coupon after your purchase: we will hold or refund your order.

If you’d like a $5 Off Coupon now, subscribe to the Team Tuff Toe Clubhouse at the bottom of this page.

Review Coupons: These coupons are for those who first, leave a review after purchase, and second, share the review through our review system. Look for an email coming to you within 3 weeks from your date of purchase. We want you to give Tuff Toe a try before you leave a review. 

Unless specified, the expiration of the coupon will be 6 months from the time you received your coupon. Limit 1 coupon per customer and 1 coupon per transaction. A $20 minimum purchase is required. Good for products on These cannot be applied to Custom Services.

Remember, you must write, submit and share the review before you will receive your coupon code in your email inbox or as a pop up on the review submission page. If you do all of this and do not receive the coupon, then please email our customer support team at, and we will verify that the review was received and/or shared properly before sending you a replacement coupon code.

Free Tuff Toe Pro or Tuff Toe Boot Guards Offer.

You can imagine the amount of random store info we received in the past before we had rules. Now we must monitor this program; we will check the info you sent us before issuing free product vouchers. Also, you will be responsible for shipping (about $5 depending on distance)

To get your Free Tuff Toe Pro or Boot Guards, follow these steps.

Again, we are sorry about the small print, but for those who just want free stuff or a reason to complain and be angry…don’t do that…please.