TUFF TOE™ Pro: Pitcher Toe Protection

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What Is Tuff Toe Pro?

Tuff Toe Pro is an abrasion, chemical, and water resistant polyurethane adhesive specially designed to provide long-term protection for your cleats.  Don't tear up of your expensive cleats!  

Tuff Toe will extend the life of your cleats by 3 Times and with our Full-Season Warranty we'll stand behind your Tuff Toe from peeling, cracking, or in any way, failing (as long as you follow our directions when you apply it).



– Tuff Toe Pro Cleat Guard will save your cleats from wear caused by repetitive contact with field dirt. Tuff Toe is applied as a thick 2-part epoxy/polyurethane and cures to form a durable yet flexible protective layer with a permanent bond. Contains enough material to cover the toes on two cleats or shoes with our standard application (See below).



– Our coating can be applied at home with a steady hand (see instructions below, and watch videos provided). Expert application is also available by a certified professional near you. With proper surface preparation, Tuff Toe will bond to leather, steel, rubber, vinyl, cloth, canvas, cork, wood, and many other surfaces.



– Tuff Toe was designed with softball and baseball pitchers in mind. Tuff Toe Baseball Pitcher Cleat protection is used by every Major League Baseball team, every major NCAA Baseball and Softball team, and thousands of Little League World Series pitchers every year.



– Tuff Toe is not just for cleats. It also repairs soccer, football, lacrosse and track cleats as well as tennis, golf, basketball, running, boat, skate, and climbing shoes. Works on ice, roller and hockey skates, roller blades, sandals, flip flops, crocs, slippers, sneakers, boots and all types of footwear. It’s non-marking and can be used to repair soles and heels as well.



– Tuff Toe is made from the highest grade materials and is proud to be 100% Manufactured in the U.S.A. and we stand behind our American made quality with a warranty that it will last for a full season (or 3 months, whichever comes first). If you’re not completely satisfied, contact us for a replacement or a full refund (See returns and exchanges for details).  



Optional TUFF TOE COMBO PACK upgrade includes the Tuff Gun applicator for almost 50% Off!

If you want to get the best looking Tuff Toe finish, then apply your Tuff Toe with the Tuf Gun, the same way we do for MLB and Team USA Baseball and Softball pitchers. You can also get coupons for sharing this page or subscribing to our monthly Tuff Toe Clubhouse emails. 

      Why Pro Pitchers Use Tuff Toe Pro. Simple: Flexibility & Strength

      You have enough to focus on while on the mound, you shouldn't have to thin about your cleat, drag toe and discomfort should not even cross your mind.

      Tuff Toe is flexible but strong. This allows you to walk comfortably without resorting to using duct tape, goo, or other flexible but weak sealing materials.

      Tough Enough for Repetitive Abuse

      The leather and other materials in softball and baseball cleats were not designed to drag against the dirt repetitively. Fortunately, Tuff Toe is.

      Made in USA

      Tuff Toe is proudly manufactured here in the USA.

      Full-Season Guarantee

      3 Times and with our Full-Season Warranty we'll stand behind your Tuff Toe from peeling, cracking, or in any way, failing (as long as you follow our directions when you apply it). As long as pitchers drag their toes in the dirt, Tuff Toe will be there to provide a protective coating and prevent wear.

      When expertly applied by one of our certified Tuff Toe Application Professionals, we will guarantee our product for that same period.

      Application Process

      STEP 1: MARK AREA – Use marker to make an outline of the area to be protected.

      STEP 2: PREP – Clean and sand the area well

      STEP 3: EQUALIZE CARTRIDGE & TIP – Tuff Toe is a two-part application that needs to mix simultaneously at the time of application. If the parts are not equal, the application will fail. To ensure equalization, push material out of both cartridges until they are both extracting equally into the mixing nozzle.

      STEP 4: APPLY BASE – Apply to base first and use the stick provided to smear evenly.

      STEP 5: APPLY TO TOE – Use a fresh mixing tip. Apply from the corner down immediately remove the tape. Pull carefully so that you don't mess up your application.

      STEP 6: ROTATE – Rotate the cleat for 1-2 mins with the toe tip pointed down to allow the material to spread evenly and avoid runs.

      STEP 7: CURE FOR 24 HOURS – Material will be 80% cured after 90 minutes, but please allow 24 hours for a full cure.  

      Tuff Gun Applicator is available to make your life easier

      For best results, precise material metering and steadiest flow, please consider our Tuff Toe Applicator Gun.  

      Professional Application

      If you would like your Tuff Toe applied at the factory, you can send your cleats to us, or we will help you locate a Tuff Toe Certified Application Pro (TCAP) near you. Find a TCAP near you or contact us at [email protected] and we can locate one near you.


      No two pitchers drag their toe the same, but pitchers do drag very similar. To find out what type of toe dragger you are, look at your cleats and see where the major wear patterns are, then take a look at the Custom Patterns we offer and see which one is right for you.      

      Selecting your Tuff Toe Application Pattern

      1. Standard Application 

      2. Standard + Hot Spot 

      3. Reverse Toe 

      4. Extended Toe 

      5. Extended Toe + Heel   

      1. Standard Application 

      Included on every Custom Application (Traditionally call "Custom Dip", although we don't actually "dip" anything) included on any of our cleats for no additional charge.

      1 Tuff Toe Pro will yield enough for 2 Double Layered Standard Applications*

      Take a look at your old cleats, if the major wear patterns are on the tip of your cleat by the big toe and do not go higher than the tip of your big toe nail and do not reach your big toe knuckle, then a Standard Application pattern will be the best for you.         

      #2. Standard + Hot Spot Hot Spots are added for those who just drape the inside of the toe just enough to wear a spot over the big knuckle of the big toe.  Adding a Hot Spot is common for both baseball and fastpitch softball pitchers. How to know if a Standard + Hot Spot is right for you? If you meet the Standard Application criteria but you're still wearing down the inside of your cleat over your big toe knuckle.
      #3. Reverse Toe A Reverse Toe is simply taking the application pattern to the outside of the shoe from the outside of the big toe around to the little toe (approx).    How to know if the Reverse Toe is right for you? More common with baseball pitchers who are pigeon toed and who drag the outside of their drag foot. The Reverse Toe is extremely rare for fastpitch softball pitchers because of their pitching form and motion.         
      #4. Extended Toe The extended Tuff Toe application covers the standard coverage area and comes down the interior (medial) side of the cleat to almost the midpoint of the shoe.
      Since this coverage covers the flex point of the shoe something may give over time and the Tuff Toe may pull away from the cleat. 
      We cannot guarantee that the Tuff Toe will not pull away from your cleat with an extended toe coverage, but we do see about 75% of our Extended Toe applications last just fine.
      Is an Extended Toe application right for you? If you are wearing down the majority of the inside of your cleats over your big toe and need more protection than the hot spot.
      *Results may vary depending on surface area, thickness of application, among many other factors.


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