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Protect Steel Toe Boots, Toe Guard, Toe Protection -

Steel Work Boot Toe Protection If you're like most guys who work on their kneews a lot you know that the toe of your steel toe work boot is the part that wears away most easily. Construction workers, like roofers, concrete finishers, tile and flooring installers, commonly buy a new pair of boots every couple of months because of the wear and tear that they put the toes of their boots through. However, with TUFF TOE you can now keep those boots longer. People who are on their feet who have to wear steel toe boots as part of their job can now...

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Leather Boot Protection, Motorcycle Boots, Toe Guard -

Motorcycle Boot Toe Protection & Repair You are tough (or like we say "TUFF"), and you expect your equipment, including your motorcycle boots, to be tough as well. You don't expect those new Red Wings you just bought to keep their spit shine gloss for long, but you do expect them to last. You don't need the mirror finish - you just want your feet to stay warm, dry and protected. You just aren't an indoors kind of person. Your office is a 60-acre apple orchard. When you want to relax, you don't head for the big city, you head...

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Snowbike Boots, Snowmobile Boots, Toe Protection -

Protect Your Snowmobile Boots Protected & Feet Insulated As a Snowmobiler or Snowbiker, you're likely all too aware of how much damage you can do to your feet without using proper boots. You're also aware of how easy it is for Snowmobile boots to wear out since they aren't always made with solid composites. The only reason is Snowmobile boots need flexibility in order to allow your ankle freer movement. Because of this, it's possible your Snowmobile boots could wear out quickly. If you're new to Snowmobile, this obviously isn't good since it could end up causing injury. The trouble...

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Catchers Cleats -

Tuff Toe will not only protect your feet from wild pitches, but offers stronger support fo your cleats so they can last a whole season.

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Best Boot Guard, How To Apply, Protect Steel Toe Boots, Repair Holes in Boot Toe -

You just want them to last! You expect them to be scuffed and splattered, but you sure hope you don't see the steel in your toe anytime soon, or feel the water and wind coming in through a worn-through hole in your toe!

That's where we come in. For around forty years now, Tuff Toe has been manufacturing and selling the toughest protection around for the toes of your shoes and boots

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TUFF TOE™ Pro: Pitcher Toe Protection
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