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It sure is nice when you have a shiny new pair of steel toed boots. You don't expect them to stay all nice and pretty, though. You just want them to last! You expect them to be scuffed and splattered, but you sure hope you don't see the steel in your toe anytime soon, or feel the water and wind coming in through a worn-through hole in your toe!

For around twenty bucks, you can triple the life of those expensive work boots. Or, if you don't have the time or confidence to apply the Tuff Toe yourself (although it's really quite quick and easy), you can mail us your boots and we'll do it for you.

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Steel Toe Work Boot Protection by Justin Thompson Believe it or not, there was a time where I scoffed at the idea of needing additional protection for anything...especially on the toes of my work boots. I always declined any warranties or paid protection plans, I'd always gripe a little whenever I had to cough up my car insurance money, and frankly I thought being careful and responsible was the only protection I ever needed. Whelp, that changed the day my brand new steel toe work boots had an ax slice through them. And boy, you can bet I was kicking...

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   MORE TUFF TOE USES: Prevent Road Cycling Shoe  There are so many uses for TUFF TOE  that we rely on our customers to help us highlight other applications they find to be effective. Here's an email we recieved from a customer one day.  "Tuff Toe Guys, This is potentially a new application for you. We will see how it holds up to real life use. Check out the price of a top end road cycling shoe and you will understand why protection is a good idea. -Brian McGregor" Obviosly we were interested to see how this goes so we...

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We have to highlight this hunting boot repair story. If we didn't get photos we probablly wouldn't have believed it.  This actually comes from Clayton at Work Bott HQ who did the boot repair on this guys hunting boot.   The Story The story goes that this customer, who we will call "Joe", was hunting with a friend (who apparently did not have the safety on) "accidentally" shot Joe in the foot. Joe had just bought these boots from Work Boot HQ so did not want to spend another $225 on a new pair. So why did Joe not make his friend...

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