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 MORE TUFF TOE USES: Prevent Road Cycling Shoe 

There are so many uses for TUFF TOE  that we rely on our customers to help us highlight other applications they find to be effective. Here's an email we recieved from a customer one day. 
"Tuff Toe Guys,
This is potentially a new application for you. We will see how it holds up to real life use.
Check out the price of a top end road cycling shoe and you will understand why protection is a good idea.
-Brian McGregor"
Obviosly we were interested to see how this goes so we told Brian to take some pics after he had used them for about 500 miles, which apparently for Brian was about 2 weeks. 
"Tuff Toe Update:
I just wanted to let you know that after 500 miles of riding, Tuff Toe is working out very well on my cycling shoes (except for the area that didn’t set properly – my fault for not following the directions well enough).
-Brian McGregor"




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