#TUFF -Shot In the Boot

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#TUFF -Shot In the Boot

We have to highlight this hunting boot repair story. If we didn't get photos we probablly wouldn't have believed it. 

This actually comes from Clayton at Work Bott HQ who did the boot repair on this guys hunting boot. 

Hunting Boot Repair after the toe of this boot was shot in a hunting accident.New Hunting boots that got shot in the toe.You can see how the hunting boot toe got blasted with buck shot.

 The Story

The story goes that this customer, who we will call "Joe", was hunting with a friend (who apparently did not have the safety on) "accidentally" shot Joe in the foot. Joe had just bought these boots from Work Boot HQ so did not want to spend another $225 on a new pair. So why did Joe not make his friend pay for new boots? That's what we wondered but apparently Joe's friend frefused to pay anything and accused Joe of making him do it. 

So, yeah. We didn't ask anymore questions after hearing this. But apparantly Joe and his buddy are still hunting buds. 

The Repair

Prepping the hunting boot for a Tuff Toe Boot Repair.

Clayton prepped this boot as best as he could but it still doesn't look like it would come out as good as it did.

The Final Repaired Boot

Working boot repair on this Hunting Boot.



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