Selecting Your Tuff Toe Application Pattern

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Selecting Your Tuff Toe Application Pattern

No two pitchers drag their toe the same, but pitchers do drag very similar. To find out what type of toe dragger you are, look at your cleats and see where the major wear patterns are, then take a look at the Custom Patterns we offer and see which one is right for you. 


 *Corey Kluber 2014 Cy Young Winner

Corey Kluber Cleats Custom Tuff Toe Hot Spot

Tuff Toe Application Patterns

1. Standard Application

2. Standard + Hot Spot

3. Reverse Toe

4. Extended Toe

5. Extended Toe + Heel




#1. Standard Application 


(Photo: Standard application for Baseball Cleats)

Included on every Custom Application (Dip) we provide the Standard application which will include 2 layers of Tuff Toe.

(Photo: Standard for Softball Cleats)

How to know if a Standard Application is right for you?

Take a look at your cleats, if the major wear patterns are on the tip of your cleat by the big toe and do not go higher than the tip of your big toe nail and do not reach your big toe knuckle, then a Standard Application pattern will be the best for you.





Hot Spots are added for those who just drape the inside of the toe just enough to wear a spot over the big knuckle of the big toe. 

Adding a Hot Spot is common for both baseball and fastpitch softball pitchers.

How to know if a Standard + Hot Spot is right for you?

If you meet the Standard Application criteria but you're still wearing down the inside of your cleat over your big toe knuckle.




A Reverse Toe is simply taking the application pattern to the outside of the shoe from the outside of the big toe around to the little toe (approx). 


How to know if the Reverse Toe is right for you?

More common with baseball pitchers who are pigeon toed and who drag the outside of the drag foot. The Reverse Toe is extremely rare for fast-pitch softball pitchers because of their pitching form and motion.





#4. Extended Toe

The extended Tuff Toe application covers the standard coverage area and comes down the interior (medial) side of the cleat to almost the midpoint of the shoe.

Since this coverage covers the flex point of the shoe something may give over time and the Tuff Toe may pull away from the cleat.  We do no guarantee the cleat with extended toe coverage but some of you just need it....especially fastpitch pitchers.

How to know if the Extended Toe if right for you?

If you are wearing down the majority of the inside of your cleats over your big toe and need more protection than the hot spot.





#5. Extended Toe + Heel

Some of you fastpitch pitchers need even more coverage. This combination has our Extended Tuff Toe coverage along with the interior of the heel below the ankle. Since this coverage covers the flex point of the shoe something may give over time and the Tuff Toe may pull away from the cleat.



All patterns include 2 layers of Tuff Toe protection:

Here's some other info you should know about what we do to protect your cleats and keep you on the mound.


Layer 1: Foundational Layer.

We use the stiffer, more rigid No Sag Tuff Toe Formula to protect the heaviest wear areas of the cleat where the sole and upper meet. 

Layer 2: Flex Protection.

The Tuff Toe Flex will provide a Protection to the cleat from premature wear and failure, while also flexing with your foots movements.


Of course, you can always take pictures of your cleats and send them to us at and let us help you pick out which pattern is best.


If you're going to apply tuff Toe yourself and would like to see how to do any of these application patterns then go to our instructions page to see how we do them.

Here are some more examples of custom applications we've done.


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